September 23, 2023
The Legality of Buying YouTube Views in Different Countries 1

The Legality of Buying YouTube Views in Different Countries

The Trend of Buying YouTube Views

The popularity of buying YouTube views has grown over the years. Purchasing views can help to increase a video’s visibility, create a buzz about the content, and make the video seem popular. This has led to many content creators buying views to try and establish themselves, their brand, and increase their online visibility. While the practice can help put videos on the map, the question remains: is buying YouTube views legal in different countries?

The United States of America

Buying YouTube views in the United States is entirely legal. The country does not have any restrictions in place that prohibits the purchasing of views. However, YouTube does have a policy that aims to prevent this practice. The platform relies on artificial intelligence to detect fake views, and purchased views may be removed from the video. So, while the legality of buying views is not in question, it may not be as effective as some people might think.

The Legality of Buying YouTube Views in Different Countries 2

The United Kingdom

The legitimacy of buying YouTube views is still somewhat questionable in the United Kingdom. While there are currently no laws against it, some people have raised concerns over copyright infringement and fraud. As such, it may be safer to avoid the practice altogether. The UK also has laws against false advertising, which may be used to penalize content creators who purchase views as a way to deceive clients, partners, or advertisers.


India has no laws prohibiting the purchase of YouTube views. The country’s government has not implemented any regulations against the practice. As a result, many content creators take advantage of the situation to increase their viewership. However, as with any other country, buying views in India is currently not the best way to increase a video’s visibility as YouTube’s algorithms are programmed to detect fake views.


Canadian authorities have not put any rules or regulations against purchasing YouTube views, and people who do so won’t face any legal consequences. However, most people who purchase views in Canada do so to participate in brand ambassadorships, sponsored content, and other incentivized programs. In such cases, violating YouTube’s policy against incentives may result in the removal of all earned views on the creators account, and the content creator being banned from future participation in behalf of their clients or partners.


Australia has no laws prohibiting the purchasing of YouTube views, but it is still not a common practice. There are some loopholes where companies are found to purchase views and use them to pass off as their own, violating copyright and intellectual property holders’ rights. The Australian legislature is currently reviewing related laws to bring the country in line with international best practices where intellectual property protection and fraud prevention are concerned. Discover extra information about the subject in this external source we’ve handpicked for you. Read this, expand your understanding of the subject by uncovering new perspectives and insights.


While none of the above countries have laws against the purchasing of YouTube views, the practice is not necessarily an effective way to increase a video’s visibility. YouTube’s algorithms are advanced enough to detect and nullify artificially purchased views. It is much better to create engaging content and build an organic following. However, one may use this practice carefully to add a little boost to their overall viewership, for example, when launching a new channel or promoting an important announcement.

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