April 12, 2024
Best Races and Classes for WoW Classic 1

Best Races and Classes for WoW Classic

Choose Wisely

World of Warcraft Classic offers players the chance to set foot in Azeroth as it was in the early days of the game. A time when leveling was harder, the content was tougher, and the classes and races were more distinct from each other. With so many options available, choosing the right race and class can make a significant impact on your gameplay experience. But how do you choose? In this guide, we’ll cover the best races and classes for WoW Classic to help you make the right choice. We continuously aim to enrich your educational journey. That’s why we recommend visiting this external website with additional information about the subject. boosting-ground.com, find out more!

Best Races and Classes for WoW Classic 2

Horde Races

The Horde has four races to choose from: Orcs, Tauren, Trolls, and Undead. While each race offers unique strengths, certain classes will benefit from them more than others.

  • Orcs: Orcs are a great choice for melee classes. Their racial ability, Blood Fury, increases their attack power for 15 seconds, making it ideal for classes like warriors, rogues, and hunters.
  • Tauren: Tauren is an excellent option for tanks. Their racial ability, Endurance, increases their health by 5%, making them an ideal choice for classes like warriors and druids.
  • Trolls: If you’re interested in playing a ranged class like a hunter or mage, trolls are a great choice. Their racial ability, Berserking, increases their attack speed by 10%, making it easier to cast spells or shoot arrows.
  • Undead: Undead is a good choice for PvP players, as their racial ability, Will of the Forsaken, allows them to break out of fear, sleep, and charm effects. It comes in handy in battles where crowd control is prevalent.
  • Alliance Races

    The Alliance has five races to choose from: Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Night Elves, and Draenei. Each race has unique traits that can benefit specific classes.

  • Humans: Human is a great choice for a wide range of classes. Their racial ability, Diplomacy, increases their reputation gain by 10%, making it a perfect pick if you want to hit exalted with factions quicker. Additionally, their Perception can be a game-changer for PvP fights.
  • Dwarves: Dwarves are another excellent choice for PvP players. Their racial ability, Stoneform, makes them immune to poisons, diseases, and bleed effects. This racial is especially useful against rogue’s poisons and warrior’s rend effects.
  • Gnomes: While they might not be the most chosen race, gnomes do offer some benefits to a few classes. Their small size makes them harder to kite, and their racial ability, Escape Artist, lets them break free from movement impairing effects. This racial can be useful for warriors and rogues, where fast movement is essential.
  • Night Elves: Night Elves have racial abilities that make them a top choice for PvP. Their Shadowmeld ability lets them go invisible in the shadows, while Quickness increases their evasion and dodge chance. These abilities make them tough to take down in fights, giving them an edge in PvP battles.
  • Draenei: While Draenei were not available in Vanilla WoW, they were added in The Burning Crusade. Their racial abilities make them ideal for paladins. Gift of the Naaru is a heal-over-time ability that gives a boost to the Draenei’s allies while adding Light Resistance. Heroic Presence is an aura that provides a 1% hit bonus to all allies within 30 yards, which is great for groups with melee classes.
  • Class Types

    Choosing the right race for your class is just half the battle. Players should also consider their playstyle when picking a class. Discover additional information on the subject by visiting this external website we recommend. Examine this related guide.

  • Tanks: For players interested in tanking, which classes are best for that role, and which races enhance that role? A warrior is the most traditional choice for a tank, but a druid can be a formidable pick as they have a firmer hold on AOE threat generation.
  • Healers: Healers have a few choices when it comes to class selection in WoW Classic. A priest is the most popular healer choice, but a druid can also heal raids and has a bit more versatility in their abilities, making them suitable for healing in other scenarios as well.
  • Melee DPS: The melee DPS classes include warriors, rogues and the enhancement specialization for shamans. If you prefer fast-paced and in-your-face battles, these classes might be for you. Choose a race that enhances the strengths of the class you want to play. For instance, orcs have a natural skill in melee combat, making them a great choice for warrior and rogue classes.
  • Ranged DPS: If you prefer to stay away from the action while still dealing with massive damage, the ranged DPS classes are for you. Classes like hunters, mages, and warlocks are perfect for dealing with damage from a distance.
  • Final Thoughts

    Choosing the right race and class combination can be challenging, but by considering your playstyle and goals, it is easier to find what works for you. Select a race that enhances the strengths of your class to fully maximize your WoW Classic experience. Remember that races and classes have their benefits and drawbacks, and it pays to choose wisely.

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