December 8, 2023
A Guide to Wholesale Vape Coil Maintenance 1

A Guide to Wholesale Vape Coil Maintenance

Why Vape Coil Maintenance is Important

Vape enthusiasts know that replacing vape coils regularly is essential for the device’s longevity and functionality. It is because vape coils are responsible for producing the vapor from e-juices. When coils burn out, it affects the vaping experience, leading to poor flavor, reduced vapor production, and shorter battery lifespan. To prevent this from happening, the right vape coil maintenance must be observed.

Cleaning Vape Coils

One way to maintain vape coils is by cleaning them. The most straightforward method is to rinse the coils under warm water until all the gunk and residue are removed. Afterward, place the coils on a paper towel and leave them to air dry. It is also important to inspect the coils carefully for any remaining gunk and residue before using them.

A Guide to Wholesale Vape Coil Maintenance 2

Another way to clean vape coils is by dry burning. First, remove the cotton wick from the coil head before dry burning. Afterward, pulse the fire button on the device to burn off any remaining residue on the coil. It is crucial to do this in intervals, allowing the coil to cool down in between pulses to avoid causing damage.

Replacing Vape Coils

When vape coils are beyond maintenance, the next best thing to do is to replace them. However, before doing so, always consider the resistance level and compatibility of the new vape coil with the device. Mismatching coils can result in poor performance and affect the overall vaping experience.

Replacing vape coils are simple. First, remove the tank from the device then unscrew the coil head from the tank. Afterward, replace it with the new coil head by screwing it onto the tank. Always ensure that everything is firmly in place before putting the tank back on the device.

Troubleshooting Vape Coil Problems

There are times when vape coils burn out too soon or do not perform as well as they should. Some common issues that can be resolved with proper maintenance include: Eager to continue investigating the subject? Understand more with this useful study, we’ve picked this for your continued reading.

  • Over-wicking: This happens when too much cotton is used, leading to a harsh or dry hit. To avoid this, use just enough cotton to cover the coil and ensure that it is not too tight or too loose.
  • Under-wicking: This happens when the cotton is not enough, leading to flooding or leaking. To avoid this, always ensure that the cotton is adequately distributed and covers the coil entirely.
  • Burnt Taste: This happens when the coil is burned out or overstretched. Replace the coil as soon as possible or dry burn it according to the instructions earlier mentioned.
  • Conclusion

    Wholesale vape coil maintenance may seem like a technical task, but it is essential to ensure maximum usage of vape devices and avoid preventable problems. By properly cleaning and replacing vape coils, vapers can enjoy their desired flavor and vapor production whenever they want. Troubleshooting common vape coil issues helps to prevent future occurrences, making vaping an enjoyable and worthwhile experience.

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